Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pelosi asks for Bi-Partionship in Congress

(Washington DC-1/17/09-CSPAN) Excerpts from Nancy Pelosi's House Floor Speech :"The election last year is historic. The middle class has finally stood up for their interests on election day. Polls overwhelmingly call for congress to pass the economic stimulus plan proposed by President Barack Obama. "

"I promised the voters that if they increased the democrat majority that the congress would work together in a bi-partisan fashion. In the spirit of bi-bipartisanship democrats are willing to call the tax rebate welfare checks "tax cuts". And we will remove more of the lower income voters from the income tax rolls to free them from worrying about the consequences of massive government spending. That alone should get republicans votes. We also are willing to call our massive pork barrel public employee unions payoffs "investments" and claim that they really be "private sector jobs". These massive projects will truly be "investments", because later we will be able to raise your taxes under the principle of fiscal responsibility. With less money in your pocket you are more likely to change your behaviour to get more of our tax credits. None of this will be easy without republican support."

"For eight years we have told you that Republicans have trashed the economy with the so called free market and tax cuts for the rich. Now we have a chance of a lifetime to take drastic action to rescue the middle class (especially the democrat special interests) from capitalism but may in the near future need the public (except the democrat special interests) to sacrifice through higher taxes. It is only fair that the public continues to blame republicans for anything bad that happens or that they dislike, and continue to give democrats credit for anything they like, just like the past two years have worked. So we need republican support to make this happen. 'Come on Republicans, take one last (until the next) bullet for democrats. Do it because we have to do something, because the consequences of inaction are too grave, and lastly do it for George W Bush who made this all possible.' ”

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