Saturday, October 24, 2009

Glenn Beck on this week of White House War on Fox News Channel

A great week for Glenn Beck show and FNC. Not so great for the Obama attack machine and democrats.

Clip 1 : Glenn Beck Clips 10-23-09 Seg1- GREAT! Running America the Chicago Way, Mafia & Baseball Bats

Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. Tonight here are the question we are going to talk about : Chicago type lessons and are they being applied ? And who is going to whacked, and why ?....

It's the Chicago way. If you don't know what that is let me play you a scene from the movie 'The Untouchables.' (Plays clip of Sean Connery and Kevin Costner talking about crushing the enemy.) What is that Barrack Obama promised on the campaign trail? 'A new kind of politics'? Well America didn't think the 'new' politics would be worse than the old politics. But here's what the new politics is: If you don't agree with the administration (Glenn waves a baseball bat threateningly) and you want to stand in the way of reform... No longer is it a gentlemen disagreement that can be debated. Oh no, no, no, you are going to play ball or get a beat down.

Some of the people that found out this week , Chamber of Commerce found out first hand. The White House didn't have a problem with the Chamber of Commerce ,when they were on board for the bailouts, the takeover of GM and the stimulus. 'You want to play ball, you know what I mean??' He even whispered sweet 'I love small businesses' in their ears. (Plays a clip of Obama praising small businesses) .... America cant live without them, he loves them. He loves the Chamber who represents three million businesses, 95% are small businesses. But when the Chamber comes out against the disastrous climate Cap and Trade bill, And then they got the gall to come out against universal health care. Well the president got out his baseball bat. (Waves the bat threateningly and plays a clip of Obama attacking the Chamber.) I thought he loves small businesses. Well he does, until they stop playing for the team....and the Chamber has money. That's bad.

And what do they know about health care? We will ask the doctors. ...
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Direct link:Running America the Chicago Way, Mafia & Baseball Bats


Clip 2 :Glenn Beck Clips 10-20-09 Seg1- Much of the American Media are Lapdogs Rather Than Watch Dogs

Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. Tonight the press and your freedom of speech is under attack on every front. The press is supposed to be a watchdog of freedom. Today we finally found one, ABCs Jake Tapper asked the crucial question today. 'Hey we noticed you treat FOX pretty poorly here'. We are going to give you the White House response coming up in just a second.... Thank you Jake Tapper for actually calling them out. Is anyone challenging the pathetic nature of these attacks? Does anyone see this as a bad thing for our Republic? Has a single one of these watchdogs..., and when I say watchdogs I mean that's what their supposed to be. Here's the press watchdog: 'ruff, ruff, ruff' .(Glenns is holding a little puppy dog). She's shivering she's so afraid of Obama. This is our press now so scared of Obama. Wouldn't it be better to have a really scary watchdog watching the government?? Entire clip at :

Direct link:Much of the American Media are Lapdogs Rather Than Watch Dogs


Clip 3 :Glenn Beck Clips 10-22-09 Seg1- Poll: 1st Time More People Disagree with Obama Than Agree

The Mao hotline is here so the White House can call in anytime. They haven't yet which is suspicious. You know I was thinking maybe its inconvenient for them to watch TV and do their work at the same time, and then I saw this clip from another network. Watch this (shows a Clip of Meeka on MSNBC show 'The Morning Joe' where she says: "The White House just did email us and say that the interaction with ABC Jake Tapper was not heated and I would say that they are making comments about Fox News in a very calm understated manner and we are the ones at MSNBC freaking out about it") Wait a minute. The White House is emailing a show no one watches and they can't call us. Maybe they could fax us if their phone lines are tied up with MSNBC. ....

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Direct link:Poll: 1st Time More People Disagree with Obama Than Agree


Clip 4 : Glenn Beck Clips 10-21-09 Seg1- Tactics the Admin Uses to Attack People and Organizations

The White House has our phone number. They haven't used it yet which makes me think they are issuing a smear campaign. You can call me any time and correct any of the mistakes you say we make. I would love to hear what they are. The Mao hotline. They haven't called yet so I thought maybe the phones are down so I brought carrier pigeons. You can call me or send carrier pigeons with all our mistakes so we can correct them...

I am going to expose two things that the white house does to totally control the debate...Here on these trees I listed three things : 1) Wrong thinking, 2) danger and 3) profit. They are the same three things that progressives use to discredit opponents on every single issue. Wrong thinking, danger and profit. They continually use this argument on everything. It doesn't matter what they are talking about. They disparage any dissent by saying those involved it's just wrong thinking saying: 'they are not smart enough, its the politics of the past'. Then you have the second one :'They are a danger, it's bad danger'. Then you have a third category: 'Those that are against it are against it for profit'. Meanwhile their (the progressives) goals are always right, their methods are always healthy, their motivation pure, enlightened and for the betterment of human kind and mother earth. Don't question them. Its these people (Wrong thinking, danger and profit) you have to worry about....

(Then Glenn Beck plays a number of democrat video clips as examples and show how each theme is an example democrat theme of Wrong thinking, danger and profit. Examples shown in clip : 1) Obama and oil company profits, 2) Hillary Clinton and oil company profits,3)Congressman Alan Grayson on how republicans want you to die, 4) Bill Maher on health insurance profits, 5) Obama on those opposing his health reform.) ....

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Direct link:Tactics the Admin Uses to Attack People and Organizations



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  3. Dan, Dan, Dan. Beck is an entertainer. Given democrats control everything and that the MSM is licking the governments boots instead of watching them; FNC and Beck have a huge opening. In fact they have a monopoly on calling the government to task.

    Beck makes it fun.

  4. Excellent blog. Here's the leading video in Glenn Beck's national video contest for his Arguing with Idiots book. It makes fun of the progressive view of "New America" and promotes the ideals of the 9.12 project: