Sunday, December 21, 2008

Goodbye President McCain Wanna-Be

I thought republicans had gone nuts during 2008 campaign selecting John McCain as their presidential candidate. McCain had little chances of winning that election barring a foreign policy crisis, and had zero chance after he soiled his pants on financial bailout. Think about this: in September (2008) he tried to run on “I’m not a republican I am a reformer” , the true McCain showed his colors throwing fellow republicans running for office under bus. Suppose he had got lucky and on last week of campaign won on Ayers with a democrat majority? He would be so hated by democrats and liberal blacks he would cut deals left and right to get back in favor with them and MSM. He would divide our party for the next decade as he puts Republican brand on tax hikes, amnesty, etc. McCain and a Democrat majority? I think not! Now that he lost, which he had to to save our party, he will have few Republican friends if he tries this crap.

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