Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Obama, Saviour of the Poor Uneducated Masses?

First off, I have start off with some concessions. Democrats (Obama/Pelosi) won the last election with carefully controlled well thought-out 4 year anti-Bush campaign. Yes, they had MSM-media completely on their side but on our side we had a very unpopular two term president, our crappy candidate McCain was selected by the media, and he ran a very terrible campaign except for a brief period this summer. Republicans lost the college educated vote this election 2008 who they won in 2000 and also lost highly educated high income 'me too elites' (government types) all three elections 2004, 2006 and 2008. But something else happened too.

Obama motivated the masses: the poor, the uneducated and something new the poor-under educated blacks to go out and vote. He energized this base (with help from GWB). These masses, as referenced in Orwell's 1984 were the real revolution of 2008. Some of it was racial, blacks have forever longed for a handsome articulate JFK type of their race. They loved JFK, and yet he was white. As Sherri Shepard said on the View, now she can tell her son 'he can be president'(my paraphrase, see video), she said "People died at Selma to see this day". You have to be sympathetic to this view, put yourself in their shoes. Of course Colin Powell and Condi Rice, even Michael Steele didnt count because they were republicans.

But besides the symbolic , what did these Obama most base supporters think they were voting for ?? This video was taken outside an Obama rally where the Man on the Street asked Obama supporters exactly what they thought Obama would do after watching him speak. Keep in mind he repeated his campaign promises at this rally so they should have been fresh on these voters minds, a few minutes afterward. Before anyone gets offended, you can find uneducated whites that will say stupid things on camera. My point here is that Obama ran primarily on redistribution, and get out the first time voter,

Clearly these supporters were motivated by getting free stuff from the government: gasoline, energy, although some appear not to remember exactly what he promised. Peggy was at a rally and clearly thought she was getting Obama to pay for her gas and mortgage.

Peggy is surely in for a letdown. While Obama may send her tax rebate checks, he is going to raise taxes on energy, and maybe even the gasoline tax. Now that Obama won a historic victory, what might this new voting block (poor uneducated) expect from him? We call this one "We Ain't Rich like Yall , But one day We Will Be Cuz of Boorack 'O' Bama!" (this one is for laughs is representative of at least some the Obama uneducated masses.)

Last, what about the remaining Obama supporters that lived the past year every waking moment with one dream? What do we do with them now?

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