Monday, December 22, 2008

How did we end up here? Our Dream of a Hero

How did we end up here? Back in 2001 it all seemed so hopeful finally having both the white house and congress. And then September 11th our party became the sole leaders of country. All of us conservatives thought we were in heaven as the country looked toward us for safety. And we had a hero, everyone needs heros. Even African Americans looked at our party for the first time and gave thanks that we were in charge (that could not last).
Yet somehow we are here in 2008 looking forward to a very liberal democratic president and congress. We have an outgoing wounded Republican President with a 20% approval rating making deals with democrats against republicans (for 2 years) in an attempt to get future MSM praise, for his future legacy. These socialist deals are setting up the incoming liberal president for a socialistic takeover of industry, massive public works programs, higher taxes, and forced unionization of remaining non-union employees.
We all need a hero. And talk radio, Rush, Hannity, Levin; they all told us he was the one. On election night 2006 they once again assured us that the polls were turning (and 2008 again), or outright wrong and we would win another 2004 election surprise. But unfortunately GWB luck had run out. And ours too.

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  1. When I warned people of this years ago, I was told that I was a naysayer and I should keep my mouth shut. As a pariah, I spoke softly with warnings, but acquiesced in hopes that I was wrong and this man would keep his word about being conservative.

    But the warning signs were all there from his past behavior, even as cocky conservatives beat their chests and taunted liberals. "None dare question his administration!"

    And the republic will suffer terrible damage as a result.

    I pray that conservatives have learned their lesson about throwing their loyalty to a personality cult, rather than ideals.