Monday, December 22, 2008

The Birth of the Revival Conservative Blog (Home of Our Counter-Revolution)

December 2008: The traditionally conservative party the Republican party has gone down in flames with two elections, a wounded leader GWB, and a failed candidate John McCain. Barrack Obama , now the president elect, soon to be president, has a huge majority in congress and almost a filibuster proof Senate. Furthermore he has a great advantage in the failing economy and socialist precedents left by GWB to enact the democrat’s socialist dream, the New Deal 2. Obama and Speaker Pelosi (shown in picture) represent the most liberal shift in power since the 1970s. However the loss is an opportunity for the Republican party to revive as a conservative party, and stand for something once again. For the first time since 1994 the public will expect the democrats to do something, and may even blame them when they screw up (can you imagine?Finally). Now with the democrats socialist revolution complete the liberals take the castle and we on the outside mount the ambushes (political). To the counter-revolution! Mount the insurgency!

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