Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Obama to lead our Children (but where?)

President elect-Obama was promoted as the education president in 2008. He had the traditional support of the NEA. And public school teachers across the country put up signs that said, "Teachers for Obama"(as above) on their lawns. Obama promises a massive public schools spending program to 'rebuild' our crumbling schools, so public school teachers are giddy with his victory. I mean, What is more important than "our children"?? Forget that Obama's poor masses are blocked from private school vouchers by the educated elite democrat leaders and the NEA orders.Forget that Obama is sending HIS kids to private school. Instead we need to examine exactly what these rich-elite-educated democrats have in store for our kids. Here is a video of how they educate their young kids to be 'socially' conscious.

Think of this video next time you see a child on TV telling us we need to save the world, either with a nuclear freeze (ala 1980s) or with Global Warming 2008 ala Al Gore. As liberals say, "A Child shall Lead us"

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